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Intellistation Z-Pro won't boot


New Member
I'm building a new workstation from a barbones IBM Intellistaton Z-Pro. I installed dual 2.6Ghz Xeons and 2Gb RAM all tested and working. On startup I get a beep error code of 2-2-3: CMOS power failure and checksum checks failed. It then starts to post and reports the following
error codes:

162: Invalid Configuration Info or CMOS RAM Checksum Failure

184: Bad Power on Password

It then promptly shuts down. I've tried everything I can think of. Replaced the battery Cleared the CMOS by moving the jumper. I can't
flash a new BIOS as it won't stay on long enough. I'm starting to think perhaps I have a bad mobo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Cheers....Cristofe Chabot
Stonetree Productions


New Member
This looks to me like either you have to old cpu-s for you mbo or to new ones. Check both specifications for cpu-s and mobo.


New Member
That's a good thought but definitely NOT the problem. The MOBO is an MSI E7505
and the cpu's I installed sit right in the middle of its acceptable range.