Insurance Deception


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Thinking about the Surgery thread I recalled what I went through after my accident.
I got hit by a car and damaged my knee and cut my forehead which needed 22 stitches.
Anyway, naturally I turned to a lawyer to help with claiming damages from the offender's insurance company. My lawyer told me that I should be careful of talking to strangers about the accident because they might be insurance people in disguise seeking information they could use against me when we file for damages.
I asked my lawyer if they really will make contact with me, he said he doubted it, but I should still be cautious with who I talk to.
The warning was kept at the back of my head and was taken unawares when I got a phone call one day from a "manpower" agency asking me various questions about my job and if I'm seeking to change it. Being the innocent that I was I didn't talk about the accident but did talk to them for quite some time (about thins that seemed irrelevant to the accident). At some point I told the caller that my husband is seeking a job and that she should talk to him. She talked to him a few minutes then said she will send him a form and asked to talk to me again.
Suspicious? At the end of the conversation I realized what it was all about and immediately called my lawyer who reassured me and wanted to make sure I didn't talk about the accident.
That was the 1st incident. Since then I got 2-3 more calls, each time the caller's voice sounded unnatural and they asked for me (using my full name, which no one, even people who don't know me use) and I was on my guard and didn't identify myself until I knew what they wanted from me (once it was claiming they were from National Health and another time from something else) I didn't give them the satisfaction of a conversation and told them I'm not interested. So they didn't call again.
A couple months passed and one day one of my colleagues told me someone was looking for me.
I came into the office and she asked me if I was so-and-so (using my full name again) I knew at once she was from the insurance company. She wanted to talk to me about the accident and I told her to talk to my lawyer and that I'm not going to talk about it. She asked for his name didn't bother writing it down and attempted again to get information out of me. Failing that she left.

Did something like this ever happen to you?
I was really shocked that they'd stoop to such means to do all they can to get information out of me to use it against me. How rude, to say the least.
The worst of it they did it knowing it is not even legal.

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