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Instruments that you own/play


Creeping On You
Since the last couple threads like this are over a year old, and we've gotten some new people since then, I figured I'd make a new one (combining the two old ones hehehe)

How many instruments do you own, and how many instruments do you know how to play?

I own 4 instruments. I have 2 guitars, a harmonica and a recorder. The guitars and the recorder are the only ones I know how to play. As for the harmonica, well thats just a dream haha. I fart around with it from time to time. I just get distracted playing the instruments I know how to play.

Oh I also know how to play clarinet. I played it in band from grade 6 until grade 8. I haven't touched one since, but I would still know how to play it, its like riding a bike.

So how about yourselves, what instruments are you gifted with, and which ones are you lucky enough to own?


Registered Member
The only instrument I own (as in, have with me in the current flat) is a flute. I can play it fairly well, though I'm self-taught so I probably make a lot of mistakes. I keep meaning to take a few lessons to try and get rid of the bad habits.

Back home I have a whole collection of weird woodwinds: Chinese dizi flute, a Hall crystal flute, a piccolo (nothing fancy, just a plastic beginner one), two ocarinas... oh, and a miniature finger piano. And a violin under the bed which I got free from a friend who didn't want it any more, which I keep meaning to get out and try to learn... no go on that one yet.


rainbow 11!
I can play the guitar a little bit, but I'm self taught and struggle a lot whenever I try to play. I would love to have a few formal lessons to fill in the blanks, but it's way too expensive. so I just use youtube to help me learn.


Sally Twit
I have a ukulele in my cupboard which I was supposed to ship to someone but never got around to it lol. It's purple! I got it from a shop that sold bright coloured instruments. All the colours of the rainbow.
I can play one song which my sister taught me and I don't even know the name of it.

I don't own any of these but I can bust out a few beats on the drums, I can play the recorder, I can play the violin (sort of) and the triangle!


I ♥ Haters
lol at the Triangle.

I know how to play the saxophone, because that's what I used to play in my high school's band. I own an acoustic guitar and I've been making an effort to learn a few songs, just really haven't had the time, honestly.

I would love to learn how to play the drums. I just don't wanna go shopping for a drum kit. Seems like a hassle to me. That's on my bucket list tho - learn to play the drums.


rainbow 11!
I have always wanted to play the uke, Amy. I hear it's really easy and it's such a cute instrument. why don't you try to learn how to play it?


Son of Liberty
Cowbell. I play the Cowbell and I play it good.

lol but in all seriousness, in elementary school I played the Baritone Saxophone. It was an heirloom from my grandpa, really cool instrument. I havent played it since Elementary and I'm sure if I picked it up and tried I'd be pretty terribad with it.


I won two hand-made acoustic guitars and had 2 years worth of guitar lessons in High School but I still suck at playing them. I'm not really an overly musical person, but since the guitars were given to me I gave them a shot. I also own several djembes, which are a type of African drum.


No Custom Title Exists
While I was in highschool, I learned how to play the Piano, Drums and Guitar and that was enough for me. I was obsessed with guitar when I was younger, would play it as much as I could but I don't think I could do it now, I think I forgot how to.


I can play a kazoo! No, I can only really make two sounds with one haha. I learned how to play one very simple song on a piano for a play once, but that's about the extent of my instrumental knowledge.