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Instrumental Works of Music


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So I listen to a lot of music with lyrics and beats like everyone else does, but I'm also a huge fan of instrumental pieces as well. Sometimes they just fit my mood, whether it be when I'm down, or relaxing to something calm and mellow, or even something up beat with just the strings and tones from various musical instruments working as a whole. I'd like to know what my fellow members think of instrumental pieces and share their favorite works on here as well. Here's a few I listen to often, be it from movies or video games.

Road To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
YouTube - ‪Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand - Orchestra Live‬‏

Itzhak Perlman (Schindler's List)
YouTube - ‪Schindler's List - Theme Itzhak Perlman‬‏

Pirates of the Caribbean Main Theme (Pirates of the Caribbean)
YouTube - ‪Pirates of the Caribbean [Main Theme]‬‏

Scent of a Woman (Schindler's List)
YouTube - ‪Scent of a Woman - Itzhak Perlman‬‏

B.T (.Hack//Sign)
YouTube - ‪.Hack//SIGN OST B.T. (13)‬‏

Harry Potter Theme (Harry Potter)
YouTube - ‪Filmharmonic, Harry Potter theme in HD‬‏

Super Mario Theme (Super Mario Series)
YouTube - ‪Super Mario Bros. Medley (Eminence Symphony Orchestra)‬‏



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Not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but I recently started listening to Animals as Leaders which is an instrumental progressive metal band and they're amazing.

YouTube - ‪Animals As Leaders - "CAFO" Prosthetic Records‬‏

And then just this guitar cover: YouTube - ‪Tosin Abasi Performs "Wave of Babies" Live at EMG Studios‬‏

And then I really love instrumental versions of songs that have singing in them, yet I prefer them without:

YouTube - ‪Periphery - 'Icarus Lives!' Instrumental [HQ]‬‏


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Well technically it counts since there are no lyrics, and only instruments are being played, so I say yes.



Yngwie Malmsteen does some good instrumental songs on his guitar. If that fits in with what you're saying here.


I am the woolrus
A lot of my favourite instrumental tracks are traditional Irish tunes. While most of my favourites wouldn't be on youtube, one of the most recogniseable and beautiful tunes is Tabhair dom do Lámh ("Give Me Your Hand"), an old 17th century Irish waltz, most famously performed by the Chieftains. Even if you're not in any way familiar with Irish music, you might recognise this one!