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Movies Instead of a monster... [Cloverfield Topic]


If you've seen Cloverfield you know that a big monster attacks a city. A monster is great and all that jazz, but instead of a monster attacking the city, would you have preferred another country?

During the first half-hour of the film it went pretty well due to you getting to know the characters better, getting use to the shaky-cam and getting use to the feel that you're into the party scene instead of expecting something terrible to happen.

Once the friends went outside to talk you saw this big explosion down the street. The friends went back inside, told the party go-ers and they rushed to the roof. That's when another attack happened and everybody scattered. They went outside the apartment, saw the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling down the street (lol) and you got to see a glimpse of the monster. At that point a thought popped into my head "Oh yeah, it's a movie.". The monster - to me - took away from the film a bit, and that's why I thought it would be better to see another country invading instead of a giant monster attacking the city.

They had a wonderful setup going and if used in the same way, I could see it going WAY better if they had Russia or China invade. You can have the friends doing the same objectives, but instead of a monster running wild, you could have attacks from above and ground troops in replacement for that monster.

Yay? Nay?


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I think the concept you have would be good for a film in it's own right but I don't think Cloverfield should have not had a Monster. To me the appeal of Cloverfield was that it was Godzilla meets blair witch. I was looking forward to seeing average people dealing with an extraordinary event.


Film Elitist
I think the problem with CLOVERFIELD was everything.

Instead of those monsters they should have had Arron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg out showing everyone DISASTER MOVIE. It would be the plot for both DISASTER MOVIE and CLOVERFIELD. Kill three directors with one box office.