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Installing XP Pro


New Member
hi to all!

a friend has purchased a copy of xp pro to install on her ei systems 1511 notebook, yes i know ;o( she currently has vista home prenium installed that came with the notebook, which she hates.

i have tried to install xp pro for her, but have met with various bsod attempting to do so. I removed the hdd and installed it to my desktop and xp installed no problem, so no problem there. i noticed that the installed memory that came with the note was gddr 667, which is meant for graphics hardware, so we picked up some ddr2 667 and installed it.

although not advised, i replaced the hdd in the 1511 notebook and with xp pro installed from my desktop i got a bsod on start up. i formatted the hdd and once again tried to install xp pro, still juttery bsod experience.

i noticed in the bios that it stated system memory 640kb extended memory 512mb. i am not too sure as to whether this may be a factor and seek your knowledge on possibly shedding some light on the matter.


Well-Known Member
All computers have GDDR 3 (or some form of GDDR lack thereof 2, 3, 4, 5.) and all have a form of DDR (DDR 2 or DDR3) one is dedicated graphics memory, one is RAM.

To get XP pro to install make the cd drive the first boot device, if you haven't already. The XP Pro CD is a bootable CD but it needs to be first.


New Member
thanks for replying dave and filling me in on the memory issue. the dvd drive is set as primary boot device. the problem is that every few seconds the files being copied for xp installation are not being copied over and i am constantly pressing 'Esc' to skip the file, pressing the enter button in order to copy file has no success at all.