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Hello, this is the first time to post a thread here, so tell me if I am doing anything wrong. But I was wondering if people like to watch inspirational movies, and if so what movies?

I personally love to watch inspirational movies because they always have a stronger emotional impact on me than other movies.
Some movies I like are:
It's about a man named Gandhi, who helped free India from the British.
Malcolm X
It's about a man who became Muslim and a very prominent civil rights leader in the USA.
Hotel Rwanda
It's about a man who is a hotel manager, and who tries to save his friends and family from a huge genocide.
The Killing Feilds
It's about a man who is stuck in Cambodia when a very strict regime starts, and he tries to escape.
It's about a girl (finally one thats not about a man!) who becomes a widow in India, and tries to live life with religious restrictions.
The Message
It's about the origin of Islam, and shows how the muslims struggled, even at the beginning.
The Ernest Green Story
It's about Black children in the USA who finally get a chance to get enrolled into a white school.
Lean On Me
It's about a man who becomes the principal of a school with very wild children.

Some others are Lagaan, Coach Carter, and Remember the Titans!
So what about you guys?


The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Rocky, and Cinderella Man are a few on my end.


Those sound really good. I have Shawshank Redemption, but I never actually watched it, but everybody says it's an amazing movie.


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Amazing thread you made here Cheezwiz. There's a lot of inspirational movies out there. Like Rudy(one of my favorites), Remember the Titans, Braveheart and The Gridiron Gang to name a few. I am sure i'll come up with more later so i'll come back and view this thread.


Oh! This movie isn't so insperational as others, but it definatly is different.
Kingdom of Heaven - Which is about the crusades.