Insane sports, which one would you not do?

Which sport would you NOT do?

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Alright I've done some exploring and came up with a few pretty crazy sports. Personally I think that all of these are insane but you can only pick one that you wouldn't do.

Some of these look fun while others are :shocked:

Which one of these sports would you absolutely not do?

Ladder Climb
YouTube - Ladder climbing world championship

Tow-In Surfing
YouTube - Struck in tsunami

Free Soloing
YouTube - Dan Osman Amazing Speed Climbing

Chess Boxing
YouTube - World Chess Boxing Championships - 1 of 2

4WD Sand Dune Climbing
YouTube - Crazy sand dune hill climbing race truck roll over crash

Underwater Hockey
YouTube - Underwater Hockey freestyle

Cheese Rolling
YouTube - Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2008

Underwater Rugby
YouTube - Underwater Rugby Champions Cup 2008 - Russia - Germany 1/2

Alright I think that's a pretty good list, which ONE of these sports would you definitely not do?

I'll answer my own opt later.


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Free soloing for sure. I love rock climbing but that's just nuts. Even if it's an easy climb, if you slip or if a hold breaks off you're dead. That video is crazy. He actually jumped to a hold, losing total contact with the rock, several hundred feet above the ground.


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I wouldn't do tow in surfing. All these are risky and you might die from it, but it's only in tow surfing that your body might not be possibly be retrieved after. :lol: I also can't swim that well so I dislike being in water deeper than my height, especially in open spaces (swimming pool is fine).
Whoa, that's the first time I've seen Ladder Climbing. LMAO! Man, that's some crazy s--- right there. Kind of like the sport Curling, but entertaining.

For me, I have to go with Chess Boxing. That's just ridiculous and I wouldn't consider that insane or extreme at all. If anything, it's just a horrible coat of paint on an otherwise decent sport. The others seem to make my mouth water up and seem a tad more appealing.


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Wow, I completely forgot about this thread...

time to answer my own question I guess. Out of all of these Free soloing seems to be the most dangerous, I mean come on, the guy in that video (Dan Osman) died while free soloing, I wonder why. :rolleyes:

No but seriously that looks the most dangerous to me.
Tow-in surfing, because even though I'm a relatively strong swimmer, that is just way too close to my phobia and way too far out of my comfort zone. Makes my stomach turn even just watching that clip.


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Free soloing! ....that guy is half monkey! I dont have a head for heights and that looked scary.

The tow-in-surfing is also harcore extreme, putting yourself at the mercy of nature in one of its most ferocious forms. The person in the video did not look behind them they'd probably have a panic attack if they did.


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I definitely wouldn't touch free soloing. Just imagine losing your grip :shocked:

The 4WD sand dune climbing actually looks like it could be good fun...:D