Insane Etch A Sketch Art


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This guy is considered to be one of the best Etch A Sketch artists in the world.

After looking at his work I'm sure you'll agree:

GVART + DESIGN - Original one-of-a-kind pop art

There are a bunch of pictures at that link above. Here are some videos as well:

YouTube - Chicago Cubs Etch A Sketch. The FALL Classic

YouTube - Obama Etch A Sketch - Inaugural - MLK -Black history celebration

He has some other videos online too.

That Chicago Cubs one took him over 100 hours. Keep in mind this is a drawing done with ONE continuous line. One mistake and he has to start all over.


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Thnking about doing the Cubs one gives me a headache. Etch-A-Sketch was the most frustrating toy this uncoordinated kid ever had.

Also: schweeet.


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:shocked: and I mean that face this time :lol:

Wow, just wow, I can't imagine how hard that has to be, doing etch a sketch that well is just wrong, nobody should be able to do it that well.

even though the technical skill to draw that looks hard I'll bet that it's even harder to simply not make a mistake during the whole process, it takes hours and there is obviously a lot of room for mistakes.


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That is just unreal, they are simple amazing and considering etch a sketch is THE most annoying thing I have ever tried to draw with this guy must have the patiance of a bloody saint, honestly five minutes with of those things and I want to slit my wrists.


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The baseball one is simply incredible, it's unbelievable when people can actually do that type of stuff. I have problems doing a house when I was younger and people do stuff like this. Simple amazing.