Insane Christmas Lights


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That's the most amazing display of lights on a house I have ever seen. It's even better than "Christmas Vacation.."!! Wow...

I will be saving that video, lol! Wow..!


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Speaking of saving videos, do you still have my asteroids video and GC tournament video saved? I came across those two on my computer the other day and was wondering if you still had them. I was thinking of clearing them finally but they're funny. Was wondering if you stored them.


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I've read that the person from Ohio actually has everything timed with his lights and it's all controlled with his computer. So, you stop in front of the house, and that display is what you would see.

But, I bed to differ. If you look at the bottom of the video, it looks like it is stop motion. Still, there was a lot of work done, and is impressive.

I don't know the true story, but my vote is that it is stop motion work. I know, I am overly picky about these things.


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That other one looks like it's the same exact house... so either those are two different times in which different songs were used, or it is fake.


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holy crap thats a fabulous display. I thought that one lawn light was a train light going around a track at first. Pretty cool that everything was timed to the music and everything. Can't tell if it was a loudspeaker on camera or edited over the visual later. Camera could have been closer to the house and maybe even on widescreen, as there was lots of wasted room at the bottom that never lit.


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NICE.... I didn't look yet. I had those icicle lights, and so this year two strands don't work, leaving my house looking retarded. And all the stores in South Florida are sold out. However, we got two light up deers, one shakes the head side to side and the other up and down. lemme go check that link.

Pianobone said:
So you thought that you did a pretty good job with your Christmas lights, huh? You even added a baby Jesus and another Santa this year, right?

Doesn't matter- you've still got nothing on this guy:
RossDude said:
Haha, I love this video. I came across it a couple days ago over at Ebaum's World. It's such an awesome light display. There's also another video where the lights sparkle to Jingle Bells.
these are the same houses... thats pretty good it can do that, but i have a device that makes my christmas tree do that, so it will take a long time to set up, but not hard really...