Insane Asian Musicians!


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If only these insane Asian musicians would record some CD's. Then they wouldn't have to settle at just being net-famous...

For example, Pirates of the Caribbean never sounded this good:

YouTube - Pirates of the Caribbean meets Rock (Like a M.Schenker)

And this kid is like 8 years old... I have a feeling he will be doing some absolutely sick things on the guitar by the time he's... say, 20?

YouTube - Canon in D - Sungha Jung

And the 8 year old kid again.. wow.. wow.. WOW!

YouTube - Rylynn - Sungha Jung

And of course the net-famous videogame pianist....

YouTube - Video Game Pianist - Halo Theme

And the videogame pianist again...

YouTube - Video Game Pianist : Video Game Collection Themes (wow!)

And the videogame pianist blindfolded...

YouTube - Mario Selections Themes by the Video Game Pianist

And.. just when you thought music had no challenges left, videogame pianist yet again, playing the piano with his hands behind his back (backwards)...

YouTube - MMLeung - "Imagine" Played Physically Backwards

Asian people are somehow so much better at things like this.. Either that or they just tend do be into music more.. but that can't be true..


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I didn't bother to watch all of them but that pirates of the caribbean one is pretty amazing, but I still prefer the edition that they used in the movie.


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Those crazy Japanese....

If you want real crazy, the lead singer for the band Dir En Grey self-mutilates during some of their performances. :-o