~Input on video needed~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..As some of you know I have been playing around with windows movie maker.
And as some of you know i'm a huge Dr Who fan..So I thought I would have some fun and make a tribute video to the shops first season.
So take a peek and tell me what you think..

Oh yeah this vid is still a rough edit..I put it up on UTube to get some feed back.
So with that said...Sit back...Relax..........And enjoy..


Hope you liked it.....Thanks for watching.


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I have to admit I have never watched anything Dr. Who... but that does look pretty cool. You did a good job of getting the music synched up to the clips you used. What is all this from though? And the music in the background sounds like a variation of Rock and Roll Part 2. :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi...This is a bunch of clips from Dr Who's first season
U.S release season 1 & 2.
Set to the music of "Doctorin'the TARDIS" by the Time Lords.

It actually reached Number One in the UK charts in 1988. I'm not kidding! :-o :nod: :lol:

I still need to clean it up a bit, But i'm waiting for some more feedback...

Thanks for checking out my vid...

BTW I'm working on a Foamy vid next...:D