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I've been noticing that injuries, especially serious ones, are becoming more and more common in the NFL lately. There were tons of injuries last season and this season doesn't look to be any better. I can't seem to explain why.

Has anyone else noticed the trend? Any expiation for it?


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Football is one of the roughest sports out there, injuries is a common thing in a sport like this, an injury could happen at any time, like it has shown this year. There's no way to explain it though, injuries just happen.


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Honestly, some of these this season could have been prevented had they had them taken care off during the off season but they are too stubborn. But it does seem at least from the preseason and first week so far that they are profoundly more rough and are having more serious injuries which should not happen.


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The football players are off the juice! Can't heal as fast!

Okay in all seriousness I think they need to shorten the pre-season and get them normal reps in those games. That'll help out I think.


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Players are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. The game is faster. Also, I think the increasing popularity of field turf has something to do with it.


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They kill your body. Not only are more guys probably on 'em, but the ones coming off of them are weaker and just as prone to injury as those on 'em.