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Injured doe attacks hunter that shot her.


Free Spirit
Staff member
A deer attacked a Wisconsin hunter who shot the animal with an arrow.

Man hospitalized after doe he shot with a crossbow ends up kicking his sorry ass
A deers revenge, this injured deer attacked this man after being shot by him with a crossbow and put him in the hospital.

I thought most hunters knew that a injured animal can be a dangerous animal. Deer can be mean if they feel threatened. They can raise up and smack you with those front hooves good even if they haven't been injured.

Feel sorry for the old guy, maybe next time he will be more careful when tracking a injured animal.



Doe a deer a p~ssed off dear...
Ray, the laser from a gun...
Me, the guy who watched it all
Fa, he fa over trying to run...
So, that was so funny...
La, I laughed my ass off...
Te, I teetered off my chair...
And that brings us back to Doe - poor Doe - watch'er go.

- Cham

(I don't think much of hunting innocent critters in the wild unless it's with a camera.)
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That's interesting. I don't hear about a whole lot of hunting accidents like this. It's not usually the hunter that gets injured but rather the animal. Was he hunting alone? Seems a bit stupid to do at 72 years old.

He's lucky it was a doe and not a stag. He'd be in some real trouble


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I'm sure this happens on occasion but probably not too often. Goes to show you can never be to careful, I guess.


Registered Member
If I was a deer I would attack him too. Btw its not cool to shoot a doe. He shoulda been hunting bucks.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't know, deer, as cute as they are, are getting pretty thick. Which isn't good for them or us.

I would never shoot the deer that hang out in my yard. They feel safe here so I don't want to do anything to upset that.