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inheritance money


New Member
my grandmother passed away the other day and left me about thirteen thousand dollars. i believe the money is invested in different stocks and bond. It is also part of a student trust fund. I am not sure if it will be heavily taxed. I feel that it would be wise to leave it in the same account until i really want to use it that way it cannot be taxed as a large quantity under my name by the government. any advice? :confused:


Registered Member
I don't think anything under $250k would be taxed on an inheritance but don't quote me.
There are some stocks and bonds - like Tax Free Municipal Bonds - that aren't taxed.
One thing, If I were you I'd avoid gold and silver right now. A lot of it's as counterfeit as the certificates a lot of people are selling.

My best advice would be to check with a certified public accountant. We also have a member here who's a lawyer. That's CaptainObvious.
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