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Inheritance Cycle?


rainbow 11!
I heard about this earlier! I am so freaking excited!!!!!!

Yeah, maybe he does get Brom's sword. What happened to it? Also, who do you think the other dragon will hatch for? I'm hoping an elf. Preferably a girl.

What about the Arya/Eragon relationship? I think Eragon should just find someone his own species. lol I don't know, they just don't seem right together. Arya deserves someone better, hotter, nicer... ME. XD


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I totally agree Himeko, it's kind of disturbing that he is like 17 and she is 100 or so and he loves her, although Angelas prophecy is correct so far so he probably will end up leaving Alegaisia forever or they will be dumb and just change the name of the land, What happened to Broms sword? I don't think that we know it just says in the book that he lost it in a battle and he never found it so maybe he will find it because Broms sword was in faact blue since he had a blue dragon and Eragon has a blue dragon so it woudl match, I hope he gets Zar'roc back from Murtagh that sword or Broms sword should be the one to pierce the heart of Galbatorix.