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Inheritance Cycle Book 4


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After 3 years waiting for the last installment in this series this book is finally here. Back in 2002 Eragon was released, this has been a series that I have been following closely since discovering it. Now today 9 years later it's finally seeing it's completion, this is so exciting.

I'm going to be picking up my copy today in about an hour at Barnes & Noble.

Is anybody else excited for this final book? Or am I the only one at GF that reads this?

NOTE - Please do not post any spoilers in this thread.


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I also own all 4 novels. I actually just finished reading my Inheritance last night. I must say though, I'm not happy. Not happy at all...


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I think that it's been long enough. SPOILERS are now open to this thread, I just wanted to make sure that the book wasn't ruined for people in the first few days.

Oh I know, I was talking about that in another thread.

The end was not what I wanted it to be at all. I really wanted for Eragon to end up with Arya. I did in fact predict that Firnen would end up being Arya's dragon, I knew that from the moment I knew that Arya had green eyes and there was a green dragon egg.

The book was extremely well written but the ending was just simply not there, it put me into almost a depressive state for a day or so.

In the end though we all know that Paolini will be coming back to Alagaesia in his next book (whatever that book may be). I think that his best bet is to tell the story of Brom, Vrael, Oromis, Morzan, the Forsworn, and Galbatorix, and the story that they all shared. He could definitely do a series of books that take place before the events in Eragon, I would absolutely love that. He could also tell the story of rebuilding the riders but I'd prefer a prequel series.
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