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    Infrasound is sound with a frequency too low to be heard by the human ear. The study of such sound waves is sometimes referred to as infrasonics, covering sounds beneath the lowest limits of human hearing (20 hertz) down to 0.001 hertz. This frequency range is utilized by seismographs for monitoring earthquakes. Infrasound is characterized by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation.

    Although we can't hear it, it does have an effect on the body, causing feelings of awe or fear in humans. Since it is not consciously perceived, it can make people feel vaguely that supernatural events are taking place. Haunted houses often utilise this to manipulate people into feeling things they ordinarily wouldn't, as do some composers.

    Church organs also create infrasound.

    I feel that this accounts for a lot of so called "religious experiences" in churches.

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    Not unlike subliminal messaging, then?
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    It's a lot like subliminal messaging. There is a reason churches use organs, and not keyboards. Even a lot of atheists i know insist that that kind of chamber music makes them feel funny.
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    Very interesting. I've never quite understood how people tell the difference between religious experiences and mundane experiences. I suppose people just interpret things in a way that is consistent with their worldview, as a matter of course, and are generally on the lookout for anything that may confirm what they already believe. If you look for divine revelation, you will find it, even if the actual source is anything but divine.
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    Interesting, I never knew the thing about church organs.
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    I'd like to see some Churches maybe switch the organ for a keyboard, and see if the visitors notice any difference.
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    I doubt that this infrasound is totally to blame for the eeiry feeling you get when you enter a church.

    I think that the decor of churches and realisation that your in a so called holy place is just enough to overcome people.
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    I know what you mean by this - my grandma made me go with her to a church for Easter. During one or two of the hymns (obviously I wasn't singing :lol:) I felt a wierd vibration kind of feeling, and it did kind of feel like awe, of sorts.

    That's really interesting...

    At first I thought you meant the Brown Noise, but then I realized this was in the Religion section :lol:
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    Aw Jesus Chaos!

    That is disgusting!
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    Roflmao, I know, but it's a real thing, tested and all :lol:

    Well, unofficially tested anyway, or so I believe.
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