Informal Poll

If the US presidential election were to be held today, which candidate would you vote for and why?


not a plastic bag
I had 2 chances to vote for Trump and didn't 3 years ago. This time if I have to crawl over glass to get there, I'm voting Trump. A 2 year scam investigation and now a scam impeachment.


Free Spirit
Staff member
A 2 year scam investigation and now a scam impeachment.
All based on lies. I was afraid the first time I voted for Trump it was a mistake but I wasn't voting for Hillary. Now I know it was the right choice. The way the left is going after him over nothing reinforces that. They are attempting a coup.


Son of Liberty
Donald J. Trump. Why?

1) lower taxes. Lowering taxes gives us more discretionary income. This allows the economy to grow.

2) less regulation. Same. It allows money to flow freely and allows the economy to grow.

3) decimating ISIS. Finally we have a leader who is handling the threat.

4) getting us out of the Paris Accord. He recognizes and understands the bullshit behind all this Climate Change bullshit. I’m tired of my tax money going to that nonsense.

5) Standing up to Mexico and other countries that are indeed shithole countries.

6) lastly, seeing people like Einstein up there getting their panties in a wad over an election. It’s been comedy gold.