Inferno in southern California



I live in San Diego. I am sure many of you know what is going on there. 750,000 people have been driven out of their homes. Many homes have been lost. It dwarfs the fires that occured this week 4 years ago, which at the time had been the worst in history.
Hopefully the fires are beginning to die down some. Some people are allowed back in their homes. But more areas are being evacuated at the same time.
I am okay. I have not actually lost anything yet. But so many of my neighbors have. It is scary.
Please keep us in your prayers if you are a praying person.


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My son had to evac yesterday when the Irvine fire moved into Lake Forest. These fires are arson. Just who instituted this terrorist attack, and their purpose may be known if some group claims responsibility. This morning, Silvarado and Camp Pendleton both were aflame confirmed to be arson, yesterday Acton.

I'm not near an fire area, but the smoke and ash in the air makes it impossible to go outside.