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PSP Infected


Registered Member
Has anybody played Infected? It's a cool game. A bunch of zombies have invaded New York around the holidays, and you discovedr that you're immune. So, the scientists equip you with a viral gun, which shoots blasts containing your blood, and regular guns. Once you fill them with holes, you shoot them with the viral gun, thus getting it into their bloodstream, and splat. They explode, causing chain reactions to any zombies full of holes nearby.

In the game you customize your character. The cool thing is you can infect the world with that character. When playing multiplayer, if you win, then the losers become infected with your character. That means that on their single-player game, for the highest 3 levels completed, the zombies will be replaced with that character AND on the multi-player game, they have to play as the character. The way to get rid of an infection is to win a multi-player game, thus passing the virus along, or beating those 3 levels on single-player. Plus, you can track where your virus has gone. It's even better with online game, you could play against a friend and win, then they could play online and spread your virus to Hong Kong with one match.