PlayStation 3 InFAMOUS 2: Coming 2011


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Heres the E3 trailer.

YouTube - Infamous 2 - E3 2010 Trailer

Ok, I can make my peace with the new look. The longer hair isn't too bad and the outfit isn't awful. He looks pretty cool although I think the yellow Jacket will be missed. New voice actor though = FAIL. I liked Cole's old voice and even though the new guy seems to be doing an impression of sorts it seems so pointless to have a new actor fake the old voice when you could just have the original anyway.As expected there's been some fanboy uproar about the changes.

Redesign aside, I am psyched for this! The powers still look devastating and his new melee weapon looks incredible to wield. Apparently they still have a lot of work to do and major changes to Cole's character haven't been finalised so maybe we'll end up with a more traditional cole. Hell, atleast let us unlock him as an extra skin or something :lol:
I enjoyed the first one, even though I only made it about halfway and thought it was pretty repetitive. It still stood out above some of the other crap that's out. I'm sure I'll at least rent this.


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I literally have the first one Staring me down on the Shelf beside my tv... and yet I've still to play it.

Heard alot of uproar about Cole's new look. Its a shame when Developers do that, go through and completely change the way a character looked. You'd think by now, after years of practice, experience, and complaints that they'd all know to avoid that kinda change.


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I thought I'd bump this since I know a few of you liked the original and I picked up the sequel yesterday. I've put in a few hours of gameplay and it hasn't disappointed. After a very "God of war" style opening you relocate to a new city to build up your strength for an inevitable showdown. The style is really cool and they've definitely upped the graphics in terms of the characters faces. The most fun I've had so far is using one of the new powers, lifting a car up with your aura and launching it in any direction. It's amazing :lol: So yeah, so far so good. It wont disappoint if you liked the first one.


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Yeah, it's really a classic example of a sequel just taking what the first did and doing it better. It's a better game in pretty much every way (though I haven't beaten it so I don't know if ultimately, the story is as good as the first. The plot twist in the first was awesome).

I like that it tells you how far The Beast is. I think that's a nice touch.
Since Sony offered inFamous 1 as part of their "Sorry we fucked up" amends, I've been playing through it, and I am definitely intrigued by the sequel. I've heard great things about it so far, and as soon as I have the money (which sadly won't be for awhile) I am going to buy the fuck out of it.


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I finished it with good karma today. Unlike the last one it looks like the ending of the game will alter significantly based on which path you take so I'm gonna start an evil play through in the next couple of days. I'm pretty satisfied with my first play through. The story may not be as gripping as the first but it's a more than enjoyable plot especially for a sequel.

I did not expect Cole to die, I thought there would be at least one more game to come in the franchise. I'm actually quite bummed that it won't be the case. Unless of course the evil ending leaves it open. I can't wait to see.


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Finished it on evil now. Both endings are satisfying in their own way but I did prefer being the hero.

So Cole becomes the beast, I actually thought something like that would happen when the prophecy of the beast was given in Infamous 1. Both good and evil endings haven't really left much room for a sequel which is a little disappointing but who knows?