Inept Obama admin concedes US border to Mexican outlaws

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by SmilinSilhouette, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. SmilinSilhouette

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  2. Gavik

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    Yea, because the border was airtight until January of 2009.
  3. SmilinSilhouette

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    Never said it was. But there can be no doubt that the Obama administration is more interested in show trial persecutions of the state of Arizona and any local law enforcement that dares to enforce the law than securing the border even at the risk of the safety of US Citizens.

    They will refuse to take the necessary steps to secure the border in order to force citizens and coerce the sheeple to accept amnesty.
  4. Jeanie

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    That article was rather one-sided, don't you think? I'm wondering what the reasons were behind not sending the requested National Guard troops. Could it be because there is a shortage of troops as they are off fighting wars that were started by the previous Administration? :hmm:
  5. SmilinSilhouette

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    :lol: I'm sure that will be part of the "excuse" their default position "blame Bush" :lol:

    Funny how they have plenty of lawyers to stifle and intimidate those that would enforce the law.

    Even when they do send troops their instructions are not to engage and arrest, but to "report" to the less than adequate "proper authorities".
  6. CaptainObvious

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    As someone who lives along the border I can say the federal government for years has been derelict in their duty to protect the border and thus is a threat to our national security.

    That said it does seem the administration is more interested in persecuting Arizona for trying to fix what they are failing to address.
  7. Jeanie

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    I'm not saying "blame Bush"; I'm saying that the Obama Administration doesn't exist in a vacuum.

    All you seem to be doing is pointing out how much Obama sucks without coming up with any real answers to the real problems that face our country.
  8. SmilinSilhouette

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    In my job the previous rep did not do his job very well and I got the territory. I took over in July and by the end of the year I was over 100% to goal. Deflecting responsibility for underachievement would NOT have been acceptable.

    I hold Obama to that same standard. I also hold responsible all those that are dragging their feet in order to get some form of amnesty for illegals. This includes republicans.

    Real answer: secure the border! It is one of the federal governments PRIMARY responsibilities. But they REFUSE to do it. The solution is simple, put troops on the border with orders to secure it. Arrest, jail, & deport violators. If fired upon, shoot to kill.
  9. Merc

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    Here's what I'm confused about.

    You claim that we've "conceded" the border somehow. Link please? Because the one you posted doesn't mention such things. Obama not showing up immediately with 3,000 troops in his pocket on whim is not "conceding". If you think so, then that means President Bush conceded Hurricane Katri-oh. Wait. He did.

    It's extremely easy for us, a crowd of internet users in our little chairs with our coffee mugs, cordless mice and air conditioning to sit here and say either "secure the border NAO!" or any form of the "do something about it" demand and wonder why it isn't so easy. From what I recall, National Guard numbers first off aren't very high as of late. Thanks to BP taking a shit in the gulf, a lot of Guard members are still in the southeast. Arizona has been a problem area for decades, not the last year. The problem with this situation is that everyone will now start assuming stupid bullshit stories such as "Obama is secretly the leader of a drug cartel" or "Obama is Mexican for 'Drug lord'" Meanwhile, the American public will miss the actual insertion of military or general law enforcement support that happens and years from now, it will still be seen as a smear on Obama's term.

    When leaders come into power, if they don't fix everything immediately, people call them inept, pathetic, or call for their impeachment (or the new favorite request seen during Obama's term so far, assassination). The border will take more than a night's work and let's face it, this is the US government, the entirety of which is pretty goddamn inept no matter who is in the big chair. Blaming it on Obama is just biased ignorance.

    Rant aside, we're close to civil war and if anything, it's Nixon's fault. If you really want to look at why border wars have gotten so bad, it's because of the War on Drugs that Nixon started. That's another thread for another time, but there are no statistics to argue that it is a successful program by any definition of the word. The war on drug drove up drug demand, drove up gang activity, drove up violent crimes, drove up illegal firearms smuggling, drove up alien smuggling, buried drug prices and pretty much burned a hole straight through the American taxpayers' pockets and right into their chubby thighs. Now the last few presidents have tried to make any sort of impact and none have been successful. Why are we surprised that Obama is having the same difficulty or not able to do anything just yet?
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  10. CaptainObvious

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    I disagree in most respects with Con's post. While many Guard troops are in the Gulf due to BP something you mentioned contradicts why that is relevant and that is the border situation has been going on for a long time. Admimistration after administration has ignored the problem.

    I don't think anyone other than a few crazies will think Obama is a drug lord. The reason I think this situation has been largely ignored is because everyone is afraid of being called a racist, as some have been, if they try and secure the border. You're right in one respect, Cons, it isn't easy. It's a border that is thousands of miles wide but the fact of the matter is nothing has really been done about it. Mostly because of the growing number of Hispanics and the fear of being labeled a racist. Obama, just like every other president before, is afraid of losing the Hispanic vote or at least a significant number of Hispanic votes. Blaming the situation on just Obama is about as biased ignorance as blaming Katrina on Bush, btw.

    I agree with you the War on Drugs has been largely unsuccesful but I blame the American public's use of drugs rather than Nixon himself. I understand the argument of legalizing it thus taking out that element but I don't see the logic of legalizing something just for that purpose. I prefer to just not break the law.

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