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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dragon, May 26, 2008.

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    Did anyone watch the Indy 500 yesterday? I am not a racing fan but actually watched the whole thing cause there was nothing at all. They are calling it one of the sloppiest race cause there were so many accidents. Danica Patrick was coming out of pit road and was hit by another racer also coming out of pit road. I like how ABC had a side by side screen when they went to commercial. During the commercial, you can see Danica walking down pit road towards the driver that hit her but security stop her from going. I would of love to see her go at that guy. I would be upet to if I lost the chance to win 2.5 million dollars. Dixon ended up taking the checkered flag.

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    Was it wrong for me to laugh during that? I know that he crashed into her and got her out of the race, but it just seems funny seeing her walk down ready to start a fight/argument over it.

    I watched the last 23 laps and noticed that Helio was blocking Mark Andrade throughout alot of the laps. What types of punishment can he get into for doing that? I thought it was a good tactic... =P

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