Indoctrination of School Children

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Mirage, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Should kids be taught songs praising and hailing the president by name? We're not talking about generic positive songs, but songs about how Obama has come to save the US from its' problems.

    There are a bunch of videos like this springing up all over the internet.

    What if you didn't vote for the current president. Do you think kids should be taught to sing how he is a great guy and is here to help everybody? To those who voted for Obama, would you be happy if your kids came home singing songs like this about the presidential candidate you didn't vote for?

    YouTube - Glenn Beck: "School kids sing creepy Obama-worship song" - 9/24/2009

    You'll notice some of the lyrics these kids are singing:

    "Equal work for equal pay..."

    Can you say communism? These kids don't even understand what they are singing and yet they are being taught to love Obama from a young age. Its' one thing to teach kids to respect the president. Its' another thing altogether to indoctrinate them.

    If they were singing oh, "My Country Tis of Thee" people would be outraged... :mad:

    Another interesting thing noted in that video is at 3:40. Statistics on Obama's campaign speeches put him mentioning himself every 13 seconds. If that's not an ego I'm not sure what is. The guy is full of himself.
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    Even though I voted for him, I would never sing about how great he is or any of that nonsense you've mentioned they were singing about him.

    I'm all for singing the Pledge of Allegiance before classes every morning, with or without God's name in it. I'd even be for schools singing My Country Tis of Thee before class because if you're here, it's your country and you should be grateful for what we have compared to other countries when it comes to Freedom.
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    I really have to question the intelligence of everyone involved in indoctrinating these children. This is the kind of indoctrination that has been present in so many countries, ie Hitler's Germany, Saddam's Iraq, Castro's Cuba etc... It's disgusting to see and everyone, left and right, should condemn this kind of behavior.

    Disclaimer: I just HAVE to point this out. In no way, shape or form am I comparing Obama to these individuals, I didn't even SAY anything about Obama, my criticism is toward's the indoctrination, which no proof exists that Obama was involved with this.
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    People only get angry about this sort of thing when it's done by a candidate they don't support. Any other time, they don't care, it's a simple matter of the human condition. We're basically cheering for our candidate no matter how poor a job they do.

    I wonder how many people that dislike this "brainwashing" apparently helmed by Obama (who has nothing to do with it might I add) are also for the pledge of allegiance having praise to God in it.
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    I disagree to some extent, I wouldn't be comfortable with this at all if Obama were a Republican. This kind of indoctrination is wrong no matter who is president or what party he belongs to. I would bet though that if Obama were a Republican there would be a lot more outrage in the media.

    The pledge is different, you're pledging allegience to your country, not to an individual. And there's nothing about praising God in the pledge.
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    The difference is that you are a minority, CO. You have trouble being completely biased against one side while plenty of people do not have that issue. Most people are only bitching about this because they dislike Obama. You didn't hear a lot of people bitching about Bush and indoctrination because even though people may not have liked Bush as a person, they know he's "on their team" so to say.

    To your country and god. Sounds like praise to me.

    "I pledge allegiance
    to the flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the republic
    for which it stands:
    one nation
    under God,
    with liberty
    and justice
    for all."
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  8. Merc

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    I don't think you checked the links I provided, the ones where kids sang the praises of FEMA and the Bush administration's "quick and effective" response to the disaster (You'll remember FEMA as the group that needed 5 days to get water delivered). There most certainly was Bush propaganda aimed at kids.

    I don't want to get into this discussion because it's for a different thread and topic entirely, but if it said "One nation, under Al Capone" I'm sure it would get people upset. It suggests that along with your country, you should remember your place under God when God is not the standard for every family in America.
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  10. MenInTights

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    The only thing similar I can think of is the Jesus Camp movie with the cardboard W. Which I thought was really funny.

    If it's happening in my school or my church, then its not going to be so funny and my kids are out.
    This is what I was thinking about:

    YouTube - Jesus Camp Extract Praise Bush
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