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Individual Rights Foundation


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My nano-Ipod broke so I listened to talk radio yesterday during my workout. A show host held an interview with David Horowitz. He interested me a lot, so I've been reading up on him all morning. Amongst the many arms of the David Horowitz Freedom Center is the Individual Rights Foundation ("nationally-recognized public interest organization that has litigated high-profile conservative and libertarian public interest cases with a proven track record"). Take a look at some of the cases.

I'm very encouraged to know these types of movements have risen up.

The Individual Rights Foundation


For a Free Scotland
It's not really a movement so much as David Horowitz spreading himself around more- this is what he does. I took one look at the "Freedom" Center's website, and it said that the Palestinians are spreading an "Infidata" bringing it to the U.S. I'm appalled.


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It's a jihad watch, and somewhat justified given their current philosophy against the US.

Look at the IRF....it's more stateside. What is your opinion on some of those causes?


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Nice site. Jihad watch is a lot like Atlas Shrugs which is a fantastic site exposing the radicals.