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Movies Indie vs Blockbuster


aka ginger warlock
If there is one great thing about the internet for the film lover it is the wonderful site that is IMDb, it is not perfect but it is almost there. One thing I love about the age that we live in is it gives us so many resources and the opportunity to see and find films that less than ten years ago would have been very difficult to do so.

With that being said I often find myself going to the indie side of the cinema and thanks for cinemas willing to take risks and people like Searchlight Pictures (a subsidy of Fox Studios) willing to show and make off beat films we really are in the golden age of cinema where there is much more choice other than films that involve everything blowing up.

Now I don't mind the blockbuster cinema, if people wish to watch it more power to them but I will almost go out of my way to find things I would not see in a cinema simply because that is what interests me, quirky, different, out of the ordinary films that would not make it into the main stream cinema.

I may come off as snobbish, I don't believe I am, I simply know what I like, know what I want and am not willing to settle for anything less.

In terms of Indie films vs Blockbuster films though which do you prefer and why? What makes you decide to see a film to begin with?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I am just a fan of good films in general and do not necessarily like Indie films more than Blockbuster films or vice versa.

I used to watch indie films on IFC (Independent Film Channel) pretty frequently. It used to be commercial-free and totally uncensored, but since then it has become more mainstream and they have commercials and everything, and I feel like the programming has become total garbage, so I never watch it anymore.


I am just a fan of good films in general and do not necessarily like Indie films more than Blockbuster films or vice versa.

As long as the film has an entertaining story and good characters, I don't really care. I've seen good & bad results from both.

I used to watch the IFC channel a lot as well. I had no idea it had changed. That's too bad.


Well-Known Member
I generally prefer blockbuster films but that's only because it's mostly what I watch.

There are at least a few indie films that I really enjoy.

I concur with the opinion that I like good movies no matter where they come from.


Indie vs blockbuster? I've never cared. If I like an film that's an indie, then fine, if I like one that's a blockbuster, then that's fine too. I don't really care either way, it just depends whether I like the film or not, not how big the film is commercially.