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Indie Developer Section


New Member
You should have an entire section devoted to Indie Development, and it should be titled-

For Those Who Have Game Ideas/ Indie Developers

-Because some cave man may not know what Indie developers are.
(Frikin Stone Age)

I think you should support this section to the max b/c indie development is surely going to become an even BIGGER trend in gaming as even younger genres such as MMOs are taken over by the larger companies. I myself have a plethora of ideas for MMOs and have played my share of them, free and costly.

I believe you could even hook up with such sites as Garagegames or sloperama . Those sites contain some invaluable info on how to get into the gaming industry and how to make your game vision real.

I'm sure there are more out there.

My purpose, to get everyone, everywhere, up to a new level thus increasing competition and increasing idea flow and creative juices :lick:


Registered Member
Interesting concept. I'm seeing some good possibilities for collaboration between graphic designers, UI specialists, coders, math and physics guys, concept guys...

With the problem being, of course, that having a completely open development forum can be costly to you. Somebody shows up excited and misguided, gets brushed off or just plain rejected (possibly for valid reasons) and steals all your game ideas. Next thing you know, you're publishing your game behind a release by that guy... and your name/concept is forever tainted.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well, as with any help site, be it web design, computer programing, 3d animation, or anything that people can ask for help on, or share tutorials about, it's the individuals responsibility to share only what they want to share.

If you have a secret function that you coded to help you with your game engine, and somebody asks you how to do it, you don't have to tell them.

A game making community would fit well with the rest of our forum, and I'm all in favor of it. As I said in another thread though, this is not something that I personally do, so I would need ideas for what different forums we would need to create in order to pull this off. (i.e. sprite creation, 3d modeling, sound, etc)

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.