Indians love the great Khali

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Atreyu, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Atreyu

    Atreyu #2 New Zealander

    Heres a few posts from my other forum. I found them quite interesting so I thought I'd put them here

    I was quite surprised to see WORLD CHAMPIONS( Indian Member) take so much offence and flame KP. Especially when its Khali we are talking about who facing facts, is very talentless.

    So yeah. I thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts on it

  2. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Khali is a hero to the Indian people. Not sure why, but he is.
  3. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Khali is not really there to wrestle, he's just a main attraction. Everyone knew when he first got signed by the WWE that he wasn't going to be a great wrestler, and a good speaker on the microphone.

    Also like Millz mentioned, he's idolized in India, almost everyone knows who he is.
  4. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    Ponting 14 is just trolling to get a reaction. Even though I'm not a fan of The Great Khali, I would probably defend him too if somebody like Ponting 14 was here. And I'm from America, and white.
  5. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Yeah he probably is because he probably knows that person is Indian and he's baiting him on.

    Do I think Khali should be released? Yes. But you have to give reasons...not just say stupid stuff like that.

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