India rocked by terrorist attacks

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  1. ysabel

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    Gunmen have opened fire at a number of sites in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay), killing at least 80 people and injuring about 200 more.

    In the past months there has been a wave of bombings in India and Islamic militant groups and Hindu extremists have been suspected. Police have also accused the Pakistan intelligence agency (which rejected the allegation) of planning the attacks.

    While the article says the gunmen were firing indiscriminately, there was a witness who said they were looking for people with UK/British passports as if they're targeting foreigners specifically from these countries.

    A number of hostages have been freed from one of Mumbai's top hotels - one of several sites in the city targeted by armed men - eyewitnesses said.
    But the situation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel remains confused, with explosions and gunfire heard coming from inside the hotel.

    The death toll is now at 100 + with more than 300 injured.

    After reading this and Thailand...I just hope the region becomes more stable soon because I would be going there next month.
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  2. Bjarki

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    It's sickening, truly sickening. It's hard not to hate when people commit such awful and unnecessary atrocities.
  3. PretzelCorps

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    The only justified violence in the world occurs when it is brought unto those that bring violence into the world.

  4. Bananas

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    I hope that those being held hostage are released unharmed soon.

    It still astonishes me to what people(if you can call them that) believe they wil achieve by doing such atrocities. It really is a baffling concept.
  5. MAgnum9987

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    this will only make the right nuts more vicious for the war on terror
  6. micfranklin

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    If it hasn't already been said I think it's a mix of Hindu and Islamic extremists but I've read some source that are positive it's some Indian terror group and not necessarily al-Qaeda.
  7. Mirage

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    Would it be wrong to want to stop this though? I think everybody wants to stop things like this.

    I hope this can be resolved quickly. A lot of the companies that outsource customer service and programming jobs to India work with people in this region. India is the 3rd best country in the world for IT based work because of companies and people living in this region. It's sad to see people committing such heinous acts, especially in an area that has really done well for itself joining the modern world of business.
  8. Xeilo

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    The Indian commandos seem to be doing a good job so far of clearing the terrorist out, so hopefully it shouldn't too long and no more people get harmed.
  9. Vidic15

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    It has been reported that 93 hostages were released from the hotel today, and I hope that some of that included Australian people.
  10. Xeilo

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    On the news they were saying that 2 Aussies have been confirmed dead and 25 are still missing, I didn't catch how many others there are that are fine.

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