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Awesome Incredible Robin Williams Time-Lapse Commemorative Drawing


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21 year old Heather Rooney recently commemorated the late Robin Williams through a very specialized type of art: Photo-realism using Prismacolor colored pencils. Her work has included a number of major celebrities including Lebron James, Michael Jackson, and dozens of others. She features her art on her YouTube channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers.

[h3]Watch her draw Robin Williams below[/h3]

If you don't watch another video today, make sure you watch this one. 30+ hours of raw talent compressed down to under 5 minutes. By 40 seconds in, you'll be hooked.

Drawing Robin Williams - YouTube
[subtext]Via Heather Rooney[/subtext]
[h3]A few other amazing time-lapse drawings from Heather Rooney[/h3]

Katy Perry:

Drawing Katy Perry - YouTube

Michael Jackson:

Drawing Michael Jackson - YouTube

Follow Heather on Facebook and on YouTube for more videos like this.
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Just plain incredible. How some people are able to draw something with such a high level of realism is beyond me. It's amazing to look at something that someone drew and keep having to remind yourself that it's not a photograph.


Free Spirit
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That was exceptional, it looked so real, wish I could draw like that.

I can draw stick people.lol