Increasing Your Workout Routine?


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Do you increase your workout routine to make it harder and more intense for you or do you stick with the same workout even after it becomes comfortable?

I prefer keeping my workout as difficult as possible. When it starts to become comfortable I will increase weight the next time or in the case of cardio, increase the time and keep up the same intensity for longer.

I try to increase aspects of my routines at least once every two weeks.


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Every two months I change my routine, I don't think it's good to always have the same workout routine it's good to change it up every two months or so.

I don't always lift the same weight, depending on my routine I have three sets for each excercise, but my current routine as five sets(15,12,10,8,6) so I'll start off "light" to get me in the swing of things then go heavier as I get less reps to do.


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What I do is one week I go light and one week I go heavy. For example, I'll bench press 3 sets of 12-15 one week and the next week go 3 sets of 6-8. And I'll slowly increase the weight for both weeks as I go.


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I like to keep my workouts challenging. Just like Hybrix, I increase time or weight whenever it starts getting easy.


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I am very new to working out (ashamed to say!) and have just joined the gym. I'm struggling to find my routine really, my main aim is so increase on my fitness and tone up.

I think it's probably best to change your workout routine, or at least intensify as Hybrix said, as your body becomes accustomed to the same level of activity and no longer responds if this is not increased.

How long did it take you guys to find a routine you were comforatble with?


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I keep my weight-lifting routines in a comfort range. Mainly because once I increase the weight it is a permanent increase.

I rarely up some of my routines simply because the weight is already very high. If I can't complete 4 sets of 10 I never increase. It has worked for me thusfar. People who constantly change their weight routine lack some physical progress. In w-lifting consistency is more important than challenging yourself with everything.

Yeah if I wanted to I could curl 40lb weights but then I wouldnt be too tired to do any other bicep routines.

It's a balance I think most people who lift find eventually what works for them.
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I've been doing the same workout routine for years (apart from adding a cross trainer to my workout regime a few years ago) and the only thing that changed temporarily was that I tried Muay Thai out for a few months last year. But then again my focus isn't to bulk up or anything drastic, my focus is to stay fit, toned and maintain my weight.


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each and every month i used to change my workouts and it insnt good to our body to have same workouts and i used to increase my workout time and weight often,...


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i need suggestions for a work out routine! i dont know wat are good amount of reps.. im not trying to loose wieght im just trying to get toned and feel healthier