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Incorruptible corpses


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Hi people! I have been wandering the Web trying to find a scientific explanation for the incorruptible corpses. Religion have assume that this is Holy Intervention, but Im sure that more than one person here believes its not.

So, could someone give me an appropiate explanation of how this phenomenon works? I think it has to be with environment and another stuff. Im sure I can get a proper answer here.



Eye see what you did ther
Thank you for this interesting thread, and welcome to the forum!

I wouldn't be sure you would get your answers here because scientists have apparently not figured it out yet. But we can discuss it.

If I had enough information, I would first check if the lifestyle of the people who had incorruptible corpses affected their body in such a way that the decaying agents took longer to act on their bodies. The ones with the incorruptible corpses are largely saints, and they probably had similar lifestyles. Saints are also kept in special coffins, so maybe the average coffin speeds up the process more than the saint's coffin?

I have implicitly assumed that the bodies were not tampered with after death to retard decaying.

I have an alternative view as well. Maybe this phenomenon is pretty common, but we do not know about it since we don't exhume corpses after burying them. Since the bodies of saints are usually kept outside for a little longer than usual, maybe all we have done is observed a common phenomenon in famous people who have not yet been buried.


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Thanks so much fractal! I couldnt be more agree with you about your PoV.
Kinda impressed, that scientist havent got an answer yet, but I like the idea of discussing this thread. I hope other ppl join!;)

Well, I also believe that it has to be, besides environment like I said before, with the lifestyle and the coffin they put the corpse. I have read also that bodies with few muscle constitution (no physical efforts when alive) and few amount of fat (has to be with their diet) tend to slow down the corruption process.

Although most of this corpses belong to "saints", I have read some cases of natural momification and preservation for people that werent saints, even not catholic. So, besides of this being another trick of the Church assuming this to be Holy Intervention putting science aside, I think theres a lot of factors we may consider in order give a scientific explanation to this.

Your ideas or theories are welcome!! Post em plz!!:)
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