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Movies In The Loop (2010)


aka ginger warlock
I will start talking about the film in a moment but before I do here is the trailer:

In The Loop - Official Trailer - YouTube

In The Loop is a incredibly funny amazingly well put togeather film about the differences between the American and British political structure. It is the story of a number of people from both sides of the pond simply trying to make the respective countries run smoothly and to make sure that miscommunication is dealt with.

It is a film that is not for the faint of heart, if you find swearing to be offensive do not go near this film as you will be shocked by the amount of foul language that constantly spews out of the mouth of one of the main characters Malcolm Tucker played by Peter Capaldi who if there any any fans of Skins played Syds father.

I really would recommend this film and can watch it multiple times and never get bored of it.
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