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If you live near one, you know what I'm talking about. If you dont, you should be jealous.

This is about as good as fast food gets. Cheap, good, open late, animal style... oh man, there's really no way to go wrong when it comes to In-N-Out.


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Are you on the west coast? I've heard about this place and it sounds amazing. I'm pretty sure there aren't any within like 1,000 miles from here, but if I'm ever near one I'll definitely see what all the hype is about. There are some great places in Chicago though, so I can't be too jealous.


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Did anyone else think this would be about sex?


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What kind of restaurant is this? I've never heard of it but I am a big fan of good cheap late night food. Taco Bell used to be my late night food fix but I'm sick of it.

I haven't seen this place ever though so I doubt they have it out here.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think it's a burger restaurant. I'm not sure what else they have, but their burgers are supposed to be awesome.


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Is it fast food or full service?


They're a pretty basic fast food place, mostly burgers and fries... but as fast food goes, they're the best. They actually make and cook your food there, so it tastes much better than other places. You can order a double-double (double meat, double cheese), or a four by four (4 meat, 4 cheese) or X by X as big as you want... there's a whole secret menu that you can order from but it isn't displayed anywhere in the restaurant or anything.


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I'll back up Senator here--In-N-Out is some top-shelf fast food, way better than any national chain I've encountered.

You see the potatoes chopped, fried, and salted right in front of you, as well as your burger grilling and arranged the way you like it. They put 1,000 islands dressing on as a secret sauce--it's out of this world. As Senator has said, there's a whole secret menu. Last time I ate there I ordered a 3 by 3 animal style, which is three patties, three slices of cheese, extra onions and extra sauce.

It's fresh, it's tasty, it's healthier than normal fast food, and it's totally Californian. There isn't a person within 50 miles of an In-N-Out location that isn't a fan.


Food Whore
I've only eaten there once. (due to the fact i live WAY on the other side of the country)... The burgers were pretty good, but i think Sonic's were better. Whataburger defitially has the best fries i've ever had.