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Impulse or Surgical Shopper?

What kind of Shopper are you

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Son of Liberty
I was reading this article on how Stores and Outlets like Best Buy who rely on people in their stores are showing signs of suffering due to an increased rate of "Surgical Shoppers".

Get shoppers in the door and then sell them stuff they didn’t plan on buying.

Impulse purchases require people to browse the aisles, however, and that’s happening less and less these days because Web-savvy consumers often already know what they plan to buy and simply pick it up and leave, said Bill Martin, the chief executive officer of ShopperTrak.

These mission shoppers visit fewer stores -- three per trip, down from five pre-recession, according to ShopperTrak. As a result, foot traffic may fall 2.2 percent during the holiday shopping marathon, says the Chicago-based research firm.

Best Buy Sales at Risk as Surgical Shoppers Lose Impulse: Retail - Yahoo! Finance
This article kind of made me giggle because I am very much a Surgical Shopper. I dont browse... I go into places knowing exactly how much I want and approximately how much I plan on spending.

Or if I go to a store with the intent of "Browsing" I usually have even less of an intention of buying anything.... usually just categorizing stuff in my head for future Surgical Shopping Strikes :hah:

So how about you. Are you among the group of people that are putting Retailers like Best Buy out of business because you're methodical with your purchases? Or are you more open to browse and impulse buy?
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Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm a total mix, to be honest. Most of the time I'm surgical, though.

Let's take that Best Buy example and apply it to me. If I'm going to pick up a CD, chances are I'll browse a little and buy at least one more than I had planned. If I'm going to buy something like a video game or something more expensive than a video game, I'm surgical every single time. Put me in the comic book store or a Barnes & Noble, though, and I'll never only get what I was planning on :lol: I guess it's all circumstantial with me.

That may be part of the success of online shopping, I guess...at least with me and sites like Amazon.com. It's a little easier to impulse buy in an online venue.
I did vote surgical in the poll, though. In most practical shopping situations I approach things that way. As a guy, I won't go to the mall to browse...I'll stop in the store or two I had already decided upon.
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Where is my Queen?
I am a surgical shopper. When I go to a store like Best Buy or a mall. I know what I want I get what I want and I leave. I don't go around browsing at other things, I try to get out as soon as possible. That's who I am. Every now and then I'll see something that will catch my eye but I won't buy it until I do a little bit of research.


Registered Member
I bought my laptop on an impulse, sod the rent this will make me happy now!

I have a serious problem when it comes to impulse shopping, thats probably why i'm in so much debt :(

I often go to the shops for milk and bread and come back with several bags of junk food, clothes and games.


Registered Member
I may have bought a game or two on impulse, but normally whenever I go to the store, I know what I want and go and get it and I'm out.



Well-Known Member
:lol: Bob that's an amazingly accurate scenario.

I'm very much a surgical shopper myself. I rarely ever buy something that I hadn't already planned to buy on the way into the store. I've bought a few movies here and there but other than that I've always known exactly what to buy. Shopping for other people is a different story though, more often than not I don't even so much as have an idea of what to buy.
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