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Impulse Decision Holidays/Vacations

Have you/Would you?

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Epic Gamer
Have you ever decided on impulse to take a holiday*?

Today, I got asked if I want to go to Spain for two weeks. I have literally a few hours to decide. Sounds good, maybe? Well, the downside is that it's to go stay with my stepfathers parents. :sick: So, I don't think I'll be going. It got me thinking, though. Have you ever decided, just like that, to go on holiday? To literally choose on the moment? Would you?

*Please note that 'Holiday' and 'Vacation' mean the same thing.
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Sally Twit
A close friend of mine does this all the time. He has this luck where he ALWAYS finds cheap flights and the biggest cost is the tax rather than the actual flight.
If I had money to spare I would definitely use it on treats such as these. I think it's a good thing to do when you feel you need to get away but don't want to spend too much time planning a big holiday.


Epic Gamer
Well, that's why I got asked to make a quick decision, because they found some cheap flights.

Normally I like to plan things out, so I'm not sure if I'd do it a lot, but I think I would probably take an impulse holiday if I thought I needed it.


Oh, poppycock.
I would because I love spontaneous things. I clicked that yes, I have because a couple weeks ago my friends called me at 9 in the morning asking me to go to an amusement park with them (which is about 2 hours away) and I did it. It was amazing. I'm really bad at planning things because I get impatient and antsy so I actually prefer to be like "OKAY LETS DO IT!"


It's not me, it's you.
I am very impulsive, and have made several snap decisions like that. In fact, I normally keep some money stock piled away in case I ever want to leave on a whim.

Normally it's mini vacations and it's more like an extended weekend.


Survived a M&G with Trent
I'm a big planner. So it takes something big to get me to just up and go. But my recent trip to Missouri (MO) was like this.

It all happened so fast: Trent Reznor (NIN) posted about VIP packages to buy for concerts, the nearest concert to me was the Kansas City, MO one the very next week, my dad (who I hadn't seen or talked to in YEARS) lives in MO, and I had been planning on reconnecting with him, his wife, and their son (my half brother) for about a month at that point. So all of a sudden, I'm buying a VIP package and calling my dad's wife to tell her I'll be there in a few days. :lol: In a way, NIN brought me back together with my dad sooner than I thought. I'm not sure how long I would've postponed that trip, even though I'd been wanting to meet my little brother. I knew it would be hard, but it all just happened to fall into place like that. :)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not a big trip like a week or so, but I've been asked if I wanted to go on a small trip for three days. I usually say no if it's last minute because I'm never able to book it off work. But when my buddies come back and tell me awesome it was, I just wished I called in sick instead.


Epic Gamer
Damn it. I said yes. So now I'm going. I was going to say no, and then in about five seconds I realized that I've onlky been abroad twice - once as a five year old kid and once with school on an 'educational trip'. Both to France. So what the hell, neither of those counts, so I figure I'm due some R&R, right?

I just emptied my piggy bank (well, it's a sheep bank really...:lol:) and was really quite shocked at how much was in there. So...I'm going to Spain!!! :D


Well-Known Member
Yes, but only ever for short holidays, maybe a weekend, and never out of the country, just to another city.


yellow 4!
No, never done that. I don't like hassle so I'd always want to plan in advance to avoid any problems, and I'm not very spontaneous. Though, I always said that in order for me to be happy when I'm older I'd have to be in a situation where I could just pick up and leave any time I wanted to.
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