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Impulse buying


"There can be only one!"
Put it this way. Just about every time I go to the shop, I come back with at least several items, but not what I went for.


New Member
I agree with Dino. I went shopping yesterday for sneakers and I came out of the mall with the sneakers, 2 t-shirts and a new hat for my boyfriend, new pj's, socks, leggings, 2 tanktops, a hoodie, and my new Blackberry 8530 in purple. Talk about impulsive huh?


Boom Boom Pow!
I think I'm very good for not buying impulse stuff. I don't let myself buy impulse because I know I'm either not gonna have a use for it, or I will regret it because I'm skint.


Well-Known Member
It's really anything that's on my mind that "I think I have to have" when it comes to Video Games, clothes, movies or even iTunes music....the iTunes music is what gets my wallet the most. I'm a sound snob so ripping music off from YouTube can only do so much for me. I wanna have the full music and actual correct lyrics when purchasing it.

I have to sometimes hide my own credit card so that I wont buy anything, but that's a problem in itself because I have horrible memory :lol:.



still nobody's bitch
Hardly ever. I'm ridiculously frugal. OK I'm cheap. I always find it necessary to justify money that I've spent on things other than basic necessities. Once in a while I'll buy something that I hadn't planned on buying, but it's a pretty painful decision process.


Registered Member
Its true that i also use to buy the things when i go to shopping mall , and some times i do purchase DVD's , xbox cds games.


Registered Member
I'm pretty bad on this with clothes, but I don't buy very expensive clothes - nothing really over $100.

I saw a 100% leather jacket for $30 in a sale the other day with a FREE black blazer with it (you could buy anything in the shop and get something else free), I didn't exactly need either of them, but it was too good to resist. :lol:


Registered Member
Rarely. I will have an urge to grab something, and then have to remind myself that it's probably a waste of money.


Living on the 0th floor
I only do when I am stressed out or pissed off, but it usually has to be something I have considered buying before it became an impulse buy. So apart from those rare occassions, I am pretty thrifty when it comes to my spending.
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