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Impulse buying


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Are you an impulse buyer or do you mull over your decision before making a purchase?
I tend to buy first and question what I did later. This is a habit I'm trying hard to break, but I see a bargain and feel the need to snatch the item up whether I really need it or not.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually take some time to think about it before buying. Depends on how big the purchase is though. If it's something expensive then I want to make sure it's something I'll need and use and that I'm getting the best value for my money.
When it comes to electronics such as mobile phones, computer hardware etc I tend to take as much as I feel to. I bought my Nokia N73 after 1 week of reading reviews and finding as much as possible about it. My parents trust me with the installation and purchase of electronics. I get to pick the new HDTV, internet subscription etc.

But on the other hand I'm pretty much an impulse buyer when it comes to clothes and games. I got so much games that I've still had yet to beat.


Son of Liberty
I do alot of both. I'll impulsly mull over things. Kind of the burden I've got with having one of those PDA phones. If I see something in a store I'll get really excited and I'll google the snot out of it until I've spent hours of time reading the reviews.

I most recently did this with a golf club... turns out it was one of the better impulse buys I've ever done.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
im an impulse buyer when i see something that i have been wanting, and its on sale or the price is lowered. besides that i usually think about it for a while before i go and buy it.


If the item is under $5o (dollars) I've been known to impulse buy. If it's above $5o I tend to stick to doing research to see if it's worth buying or not. The higher the price, the more research that goes into that item. ^_^


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I always make a list when I go shopping but then I end up buying something that's not on my list and I question myself when I get home.


I am the edge!
I'll usually put a little thought and research into what I'm buying, especially the more expensive items, but if I see a good deal or something that looks interesting and maybe one of a kind, I might just go ahead and take my chances.


In need of Entertainment
With a shopping list in hand I'm usually good with sticking to the list, but I'm known to see something that I fancy and get it. That's why I like shopping so much, I look forward to seeing what I might fancy and buy it without second thought.
When it comes to big things (expensive) then I would never buy it just cos I see it.


Likes snow
Both kinda. I frequently buy stuff that I just saw in the store, but I spend 30 minutes while I'm there comparing that to all the other options. Unless it's really cute. Or if it's aria related.
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