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So, I tend to take a pretty passive approach on most issues. I honestly feel that there's a little brooding starting with the FC'ers and the GF'ers on the merge, and some of it is coming from FC'ers wanting the old features to come back. I addressed that in the topic in Sub-Talk. I've talked to several FC'ers and GF'ers, and I a few of them think this topic is a good idea. Of course, I've only brought it up to a couple of you.

But, the point of this topic is for everyone. You all know that I'm a believer in a more democratic system, and I like talking things out. It's really important to me that everyone from basic users all the way up to admins have a serious discussion on what needs to be done, the glitches, and the importance of features that aren't already here or perfected yet. My goal for this topic is that we create a list of every feature that ISN'T on the board, and a list of all of the features on the board and their glitches, and we can discuss which are the most important to the board and the posters' interests. I see it as the most logical and fair way to go about the post-merge bumps to do as much as possible to avoid any kind of malicious feelings towards anyone, at all.. not saying that there are any.

Of course, the hardest part will be getting Andrew to fix them in that order, and I haven't even talked to him about this yet. Andrew, when you see this, do you think you could have some kind of agreement that you can work on things in that order after you finish up the projects you're working on for the site right now? I don't want the posters to give you a timetable, because I still believe that your time is more important than anything, and you're one hell of a dedicated admin. I think it should be done at your leasure, and a list created by the posters will help you with that. Of course, it would be a general list and no one would expect you to hold to it 100%, but as close as you can.

I'll start the lists by saying the two most important things to me.

Features Needed

Glitches that Need Attention
If the rep feature only needs tweaked, then I'm going to have to go with the "Edit" button being fixed. It's important to everyone across the board, especially mods.
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I've noticed that the poker has had a few glitches lately in which I can't see the chips on the table. Does this have anything to do with anything?


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That's a FireFox glitch, actually. It's because of the memory leak problem that's plagued FF since the start. All you have to do is close FF and come back into poker.


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Poker generally has some glitches. However, they're definitely a secondary issue; the main issue will be written in italics:

While one would assume there would be awkwardness and initial hesitation in the post-merge period, forum activity has reached record lows, which is particularly disconcerting given that it's the holidays

I'd say we do this, let's come through some of the posts about the merge and what it promised. Everything that was mentioned that isn't working or hasn't be included yet is a definite and critical issue.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Actually, the forum is getting more posts than it ever has in it's entire history, and the holidays are always slow for us. FC had a much younger user base, we're more popular during the week and over the summer than any other time.


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Well I will mention an already known (glitch) issue.

The Edit feature but I figure it should be thrown in this topic.

Features I would like to see return or seen

The Store
although I know it is in the works will our points balance be carried over? And if so points were recorded by posts will a whole new system have to be set up over here to track points to posts?

I am sure I will think of more sooner or later.


Also the rep feature should be adjusted or perhaps looked at. I have yet to be able to rep a person 2x. At FC you had to rep 6 people before you could rep the same person twice. I have repped about 15+ people and I have yet to have been able to rep a person 2x. And if I did I dont recall it.

A karma system would be a feature that I would like.
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The only karma system I found was something that each member can vote only once per member, does that sound correct? If not how exactly were you thinking the karma system would work? I never used one before so I wasn't positive what to look for in such a system.


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The one I remember has a spot under the avy that had -0/+0 and the option to either "smite" or "applaud" underneath. I think we were able to only change karma once for each post, but able to change multiple posts from the same user.