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Important: Experiences Rules Update!

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Just a note to everyone, I have removed the Fraud Auction thread from the board due to a few reasons.

I think we are going to have to set a policy in place regarding including eBay usernames in your posts.

From now on, please do not post any personal information about a seller when talking about your experiences, good or bad. This also includes posting links to the auction, or posting a username. It is ok to discuss the situation in general, but please do not make it personal.

This message board is meant to be a place for people to discuss auctions. Please do not use it as a place to debate and question other sellers integrity. That is something that should be dealt with through email with the seller personally.

I think that by setting this policy into effect, it will help maintain a positive atmosphere here. If you have any questions, please PM me. I hope you all understand my reasons for doing this.

If you post information about a seller in the future, such as an auction link, or a username, your post will be edited by a moderator. Repeat offenses will be dealt with accordingly.

Thanks everyone!

Not open for further replies.