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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Irishone21, May 28, 2007.

  1. Irishone21

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    Faith can secure ones self-esteem, if properly applied. If everything is decided upon with reason, then fear will skew judgments. For example, when we invaded Iraq, reason played a large role in the decision. Considering the decision did not include the influence of faith, this proved to be a mistake. In addition, if we had faith, we would not let insecurities get in the way of properly communicating, thus the chain of command would not be altered and we would easily be able to prevent the events of 9/11 from occurring. Faith turns ambiguity to clarity and the result is decisions that are made are solid, as the possibility of the negative is avoided. Faith leads to confidence and decisiveness in decisions...if we had faith; we would be able to get out of the war, as we would realize the importance in rebuilding what we destroyed. Plus, negotiations would be more productive, as oppose to argumentative, as if we are using faith as support, than we will have patience. Faith builds the confidence as it gives assurance that, regardless of what happens, we are safe. Faith keeps God on our side, giving us an aura to which people are less prone to deny. Faith leads to optimism. When one is optimistic, less people stand in the way as optimism is peremptory. People come together over mutual strengths, and that mutual strength should be God. If we all came together over God, then we would be able to convert all unbelievers, succeeding in the goal of a global brotherhood, for if God is with us, who can be against us? Faith will help us stay in control of our destinies. The point being is that lack of faith will obstruct our decision making process, resulting in conflicts we will not be able to get out of unless we have faith. This does not renounce reason; it merely combines the two, resulting in reason inspired by faith where fear, hate, and false assumption do not play a role in destructing administration. We can't deny the meaning to life for the advancement of our intellect. Faith, if real, will help advance the intellect. Lack of faith is damaging, but strong faith is beneficial. One should believe something will work, or believe something won't work. Hesitance is what truly damages administration. People put faith aside, for they can not make sense of the supernatural, and therefore they can not have strong faith, thus faith is damaging for them. If people learned to be secure in their beliefs in God, then victory will be inevitable, leaving us infallible to our enemy. Faith is what the American spirit is all about, without it; we are nothing but a blind superpower spiraling into the inevitability of devolution.

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    You're talking about two kinds of faith. There's faith, a verb, trusting/believing in something. And then there's what you started to talk about at the end of your post, religious faith; having faith in God.

    Regular faith is important because everyone has their own morals and beliefs that makes them their own. On the other hand, religioug faith is not important, and usually not beneficial. 99% of all wars we've had were over colliding reigious faiths.
  3. Irishone21

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    Religion contains the truth, and coincides with faith. Yes, Muhammod is a prophet of God. Yes, Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Teacher, and our Savior. The sooner the world accepts this, the sooner we will be to world peace.

    As for me, I am the prince, the new world order... I am not perfect, but hopefully in time I will get better. Nonetheless, I am willing to be the altrusitic leader our world needs.
  4. Nosferatu_Alucard

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    You have the right to your own opinion, but I will tell you this for sure, there will never be world peace, because everyone will never agree on one thing, especially religion.

    Are you serious? How did you become this so-called "prince"? Who gave you this title? How do you expect to get better? What do you do?
  5. Irishone21

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    I believe I was born to be the prince... princes are born from everlasting, and I was born from everlasting. I was conceived on Xmas, and born September 11th. I'm no sure what my future entails, but I can discern the possibilities. When I become more disciplined I will be better as I will have a stronger will and more self-control. I don't know if I should be telling people this... On one hand, I feel as though I need to, for people need to know, on the other hand, I feel as though it will only create dissention and God wanted me to keep it a secret.

    I pray forgiveness at least once a day, for I am not free from my sins. God willing my position will stand, however, I fear, as I have not been trying as hard as I should be, that my position may be removed. It is up to God... I am His, and my future is His Will. God's Will comes before my own.
  6. Nosferatu_Alucard

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    Prince huh? And how do you come to the conclusion you are a prince. And this everlasting. Is it your mother perhaps. Did God tell you that you were a prince and what to do? Did you get it recorded?

    Ok, I know everyone has there own beliefs and stuff, and I'll be vague, but you sound like you are out of your fucking mind.
  7. Irishone21

    Irishone21 Registered Member

    In scripture one finds the secrets to his life. Jesus spoke to me through scripture. I figured I should of just kept it to myself...
  8. ChinUp

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    Faith in all its forms is a private affair .. as soon as you are depending on the honesty of other people, it isn't faith its loyalty .. learning the difference is hard work ..

    To have faith you have to be able to cope with having nobody but yourself to depend on for encouragement & reassurance .. you cannot prove what you have faith in .. thus it takes independence & courage

    Anything you can acquire reassurance from other people about & proofs .. are the realm of loyalty .. like science .. it doesn't require any courage to trust in proofs & human support groups ..

    To have faith you have to be able to operate independently ... have the courage to believe in yourself ..

    Please do not call alignment with worshiping religous organizations faith .. its a damb lie .. or alignment with worshiping religous organizations assertions about God .. its a damb lie .. faith is personal not co-dependent .. pretending its a co-dependent state of mind totally rubs out any real faith & replaces it with a fictitious facade of faith that isn't faith @ all just masked loyalty ..

    Faith in God is private .. nobody can do that for you, or tell you how to do that .. its a purely private enterprise ..

    co-dependence = loyalty
    trust in yourself = faith

    If you think you can find God all the while safely swaddled in other peoples support .. your kidding yourself .. to reach the link with eternal awareness .. you have to have the courage to go it alone .. it takes balls & self reliance .. after all you cant access a personal connection with life's inner nature, unless you give up your dependence/addiction to leaning on other people .. now can you .. thats like trying to be a child & an adult @ the same time .. you have to take the leap of courage in to the realm of faith .. IMO ..
  9. pikatore

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    this thread is priceless. all hail prince irishone21!
  10. Mare Tranquillity

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    The scary thing for me is that there are thousands of people who feel like you do--they all feel like they are "princes" and "chosen of God" in some fashion. And just like during all of human history none of these people agree with each other, when the time comes and they bang heads over God's Will then we will all be treated to another religious war.

    The only way you are going to convince me that you are the chosen one is for you to sacrifice your life for the good of those who cannot possibly help you or provide you with any benefit--such as working in a leper colony or working hands on for the poorest people on Earth while living with them in their abject poverty. Of course this will require that you give away all of your worldly possessions, wear the cheapest 2nd hand clothes, and share in the starvation of those with whom you are living and working.

    My experience has been that this tends to weed out the "princes" and "chosen ones" fairly quickly.

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