Creeping On You

crash bang boom and bam and slam
impact is making an impact
on this forum that I visit everyday
she smashing it to hell, while smashed to hellllll

without her on the boards of great awesomeness
it would be boring as hell, thats for sure
so impact don;t ever leave us forever
you need around to make those awesome threads.


impaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaact, Impaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaact
she does the dirty deeds that nobody else will do
she does the evil tasks that no one else can fathom
she keeps the office running cause she's the only one who can
Impaaaaaaaact is a amazing....Impaaaaaaaaaact is incredible......

just the other day there was a random outbreak
of stupid shitty noobs who needed a lesson
so impact dished it out, and she dished out good
and those noobs went a fleeing, a fleeing so faaaaarrrrrrr

dont get in her way when she's making a point
you can't ever argue with her shes always right
when you make angry, you'd better have brought a diaper
cause she'll enact so much vengeance it'll make you shiiiiiiiiit