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Impact Wrestling Thread for 07/05/12


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Discuss tonight's Impact Wrestling here!

The fight for a spot at Destination X continues...we've already seen some new wrestlers and returns (like Sonjay Dutt). This week, Dixie Carter said on Facebook:

New X-Division stars competing for a spot at Destination X tonight at 8 on Spike - Flip Casanova, Lars Only, Dakota Darsow and Kenny King
Hoping that Dakota Darsow makes a good showing just because of his lineage. And Kenny King in TNA?! So stoked. For those that don't know, he's an ROH talent. And talented is just what this dude is.

I'm as usual hoping for more on Sting's attackers.

Also looking forward to more of our #1 Contender, Austin Aries.


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I might try check this out purely because of Kenny King. Been one of my favourite wrestlers on the indies for about 4 years now! Would love to see him getting a lot of TV time, and maybe eventually a title unless that's asking too much!

I do like what TNA is doing right now with the gut checks and bringing in indy stars for this Destination X tournament. It reminds me of back when the WWE used to work with ECW, or would have up and coming indy starts on WWE heat.

However, the last episode i tried to watch (the one with Jigsaw in the destination X tournament) i still couldn't watch the whole thing. There's still far too many lame and unwatchable elements for me to enjoy the show as a whole, but these new features are definitely a step in the right direction. It's going to take a long time for TNA to get back the kind of momentum and buzz they had a few years ago though, if they ever achieve it!


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This got me pumped for the PPV this Sunday, solely because of the focus on young, undiscovered talent.

Obviously we have Aries/Roode, Daniels/Styles, and an awkwardly place BFG series match with Angle/Joe, but we have tons of X-Division tournament matches... in which my favorites are Kenny King and Sonjay Dutt (it's been announced that Douglas Williams and Kid Kash will be involved as well).

In sad news, due to his appearance on Impact, ROH has issued a statement saying that they refuse to work with Kenny King going forward because his appearance was a breach of contract. This leaves ROH in a bad place because ANX are the current Tag Team Champions.