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Impact Wrestling Thread for 06/23/11


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Discuss this week's Impact Wrestling here!

Announced content from Preview IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday Night at 9/8c on SpikeTV :

- Eric Bischoff calls out the “Icon” Sting!

- In a Bound For Glory Series match - Scott Steiner takes on Bully Ray

- Plus, Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Winter square off in a street fight
For those that haven't watched lately, I'd really advise tuning in this week...there's intriguing things going on with the X-Division (last week had a triple thread with 3 former X-Division wrestlers, this week it's with 3 new wrestlers), Destination X (all X-Division, it seems?), and The Bound For Glory Series. It's worth checking out.

I'm guessing that Bischoff is calling out Sting because Stinger is trying to appeal to Hogan's inner "good guy" so to speak. Having Bischoff not liking it could be a way to get Hogan more towards turning face, but I'm not sure where they're going with this. I like heel Hogan, but either way he's entertaining to have around in an authority role.

I'm somewhat interested in seeing Bully Ray vs. Steiner in the Bound For Glory Series match...it's definitely not going to be a technical masterpiece, but both guys have a similar brawling style at this point in their careers. Scotty does bring some of that amateur style and his suplexes, Bully Ray brings some of that hardcore, but both are kind of rough in their styles.

I've been wanting to see Winter compete more, so I'm looking forward to the street fight with Mickie James.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
A few random thoughts from the show:

-The 3-way rookie X-Divsion match was so-so, had some botches and some cool points. Barry Darsow's (Smash of Demolition) son, Dakota Darsow was in it. Cool to see him wrestling...the kid that got the win is probably the one that deserved it, but he had a botch or two during the match (his last name was Ion, forget the first). I doubt he'll win the 3-way for a contract at Destination X, but you never know.

-Sting freaking out on Hogan last week was awesome, and this week his whole persona has gone freaky. I like it. His face paint is a little weird, he's still shoving paint down peoples' throats after assaulting them, and he's behaving half like Bugs Bunny and half like a deranged Joker from Batman. The attack on Bischoff was really entertaining...it seems like they're leaning towards face Hogan coming from all of this, but you never know.

-Bully Ray vs. Scott Steiner was entertaining; not great, but entertaining. I like that they're trying to get Scotty to join Immortal, it would add more legitimacy to it and remind us that it exists, lol. It's been on the back burner as a faction.

-Really intrigued by Daniels vs. Styles at Destination X. I wish they would have gone ahead and made it Samoa Joe in a 3-way, but Daniels was acting very selfish and heel-like...hmmm....anyway, it looks like Joe vs. Kaz might happen as well. I'd enjoy that, as we haven't seen them one on one too much.

-I've really liked Abyss lately with all of his Sun Tzu quoting, and the Sting vs. Abyss main event was entertaining. Sting staring down Mr. Anderson and beating Abyss with his own barb-wire-wrapped glove while doing so was intense and awesome.