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Impact Wrestling Thread for 06/09/11


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- Have the mind games that Mr. Anderson has been playing with Sting reached the breaking point? Is the World Champion about to snap?

- With Karen Jarrett out with an injury, Jeff Jarrett is flying solo in a match that could be his last if Kurt Angle has his way. Is there any way out for Jeff Jarrett?

- Now that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are back in control, what plans do they have for IMPACT Wrestling and the X Division?

- Plus, more news on the upcoming Slammiversary Pay-Per-View event on Sunday, June 12!
As usual, I'm definitely looking forward to:

--The X-Division vs. Bischoff/Abyss

--Crimson vs. Joe

--Anderson's head games with Sting.

I'm also hoping that Hogan/Bischoff regaining power actually has a cool side to it. Since they've "gained power" from Dixie, there's been an opportunity for a cool reign of terror and it's been very "eh."

Discuss your ideas on the show and results here!
Another thing to add, can't believe I had forgotten about it:

Last week on the show, Eric Bischoff was telling Beer Money that they'd be stripped of the titles because of Roode's arm injury (I think it's a storyline injury, not a legit one...not 100% sure though) and being unable to defend at the PPV. Enter Alex Shelley, who says that Sabin's leg injury ended up being a major tear (forget which CL it was, but I think similar to HHH?)...Shelley asks Beer Money if he and Storm can form Gun Money (Storm is calling it Beer Guns on twitter, lol) so that he can help them this one time. Beer Money ends up accepting, to Bischoff's dismay.

I'm really excited about this pairing just because it's unique and taking half of each of TNA's best tag teams and making a team out of them....it should be awesome, it also, IMO, greats a great opportunity to turn Shelley heel and have had him conspiring with Bischoff the entire time.
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