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Impact Wrestling Discussion: "A Midsummer's Nightmare" 07/14/11


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
This week's edition of Impact Wrestling, dubbed "A Midsummer's Nightmare" by Sting, should be pretty good! We'll be getting Immortal's newest member, Mr. Anderson...Anderson vs. The Stinger for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

From Preview Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING: Sting vs. Anderson for the World Title :

Here is a preview of Thursday's huge broadcast:

- The event will feature the big World Heavyweight Championship rematch between titleholder Mr. Anderson and Sting! How will Mr. Anderson joining Immortal effect the bout? Does Sting have a plan of his own, or has he truly lost his mind?

- The Jarretts return from Mexico to IMPACT WRESTLING with a surprise for Immortal

- In a Bound For Glory Series match, it will be Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode vs. The Pope in a 3-way bout

- In Knockouts action, it will be Madison Rayne vs. Tara one-on-one

- Plus, The British Invasion battle Mexican America for the #1 Contenders to the World Tag Team Title

All this and much more on Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 9/8c
So I'm obviously really excited for the title match...my guess is that Anderson will retain with some trickery from Immortal, but you never know! Sting's been so awesome with this Joker persona, so I'm just looking forward to enjoying every minute.

I really have no idea what Jeff and Karen Jarrett will have as a "gift" for Immortal. A new member would be nice, haha.

Joe vs. Pope vs. Roode is a 3-way match I'd really like to see. I don't think it's been done before, and I'm a big fan of all 3 of these guys.

British Invasion recently turned face and cut a great promo against Mexican America...following that, Rob Terry rejoined the group. I'm pretty happy to see them all back together again, but Mexican America has the momentum of a new heel faction behind them. I'm not sure who will win the #1 contender spot...I'll be rooting for the Invasion, but I could picture Mexican America winning, getting the titles, and starting a long-term feud with Williams and Magnus...I'd enjoy that, too.

Discuss the show here!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My thoughts on the show:

--The opening segment was just awesome. Lights out, Stinger appears sitting at the card table? So classic. Sting was random and entertaining as usual, and the clown thugs were a nice touch. The announcers were calling Sting the "Insane Icon" last night; I love it.

--The three way match between Pope, Joe, and Roode not only didn't disappoint but ended up being a really good, entertaining match. Probably the match of the night in terms of wrestling. Really happy that Roode got the win.

--Tara can still put on a great wrestling match, and Madison Rayne is always entertaining...she plays her character really well.

--I should have known that Jeff was bringing back that title from Mexico that he won, I don't know why I forgot about it. He's still entertaining as a cowardly heel.

--So happy to see Austin Aries on Impact Wrestling again. He's so good at wrestling and still manages to bring in classic heel moves like back rakes. When he cuts a promo (backstage for example) and displays his personality and ability in the ring, I feel like I see glimpses of CM Punk's brilliance. Shannon Moore put on a decent match, as well...he doesn't have that same breakneck pace as other people in the X-Division, but he's a good contributor.

--Kurt Angle's promo was cool, loved the reference to the Main Event Mafia and the empty arena fight with Sting...I wonder what's up with him, though. He looked a little shaky and off. Then again, we all get sick or have our days of feeling bad, so it could be nothing. Good to see him as number one contender.

--Things kind of went down like I thought they would with Mexican America winning the number one contender spot, and I think that it's the right decision. I'm a bigger fan of the British Invasion right now, but they already have credibility. I hope that Mexican America takes the tag titles at Hardcore Justice. Because as good as Beer Money is, the focus on the tag titles hasn't been good for months. Having teams like the Invasion and Mexican America feuding for the titles will do wonders for the division.

--Throughout the show, Sting's psycho masked clowns were assaulting just about every member of Immortal...loved it. It was really fun to watch them creeping up on each member backstage, and it did have me guessing...I kept thinking are these X-Division guys? Indy Wrestlers? When they unmasked and it showed Fortune I realized I should have remembered them, but it was an awesome surprise to see.

--The Stinger is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion once again!! I could talk about how having Anderson newly in Immortal and not retaining might not fit well, but when it comes to Sting I just want to be a fan. He's my favorite of all time, and I'm just happy to see this Joker persona going over so well and to see him with the belt again. Looking forward to him vs. Angle, for sure. When Fortune said that "Bully Ray is taken care of" I didn't get it when he showed up during the match. To have the last clown be Angle when we thought he was done for the night was pretty brilliant, IMO. During his promo he had said that he wasn't wanting to face Sting, so it did catch me by surprise.

--So I can picture everyone noting that Sting's matches aren't as long or as good as they used to be, and that's a fact. He's getting up there in age. But with the Stinger, it just doesn't matter. He's always upping his character, being creative about how to approach feuds, and displaying the passion that made him the Icon in the first place. He tells such a good story and still wrestles well, and with him a half hour match isn't needed to make the World Heavyweight Title exciting. I'm happy that he's still getting this spot as champ. Just my two cents, though.


Haters gonna hate.
I am left wondering things after the show...

Why on this Earth would they give the title back to Sting? Yes, he is the Icon and all that stuff, but seriously, ever since MARCH he has been in the title picture. Hopefully by the end of Hardcore Justice we see Angle walk out of there with the title, and a fresh feud, please.

The rest of the show was okay. Nothing too impressive.