I'mmmmmm Back......


Food Whore
I feel that the only way i can truly make a "come back" is to start a thread about where the hell I've been for a good long while.

Well, for one thing, I've been back up at school for about 5 weeks now. Classes are a royal pain in the ass, espically Electrical Circuits. I have a full week of classes, with labs from Monday-Thursday. Thus, i have VERY LITTLE time on my hands during the day.

Second, I'm a member of my school's radio station (Some of you might have heard me mention that in the past.) A few weeks ago, the Tech Director left the station amid a huge cloud of drama. We pulled the severs off line and such, and have slowly been rebuilding the servers, essentially from the ground up. All while he is bitching about what happened, and other people bitching about what he did. And I'm SMACK IN THE FREAKIN MIDDLE OF IT. (I honestly still don't know what the hell i make of that situation... I can see where both sides are coming from.)
Thus, my friend and I have been thrown into the position of Tech Directors. Which means that we are in charge of all the equipment and technology and such at the station. Its a lot of fun, but its a TON of work... (I spent 4-5 hours last night revising the guidebook for DJs.)

And, along with all that, I haven't been in the greatest of moods lately. Due to the drama at the station, i hit a "low" period, and sort of just "existed" without doing very much. (Mainly because i couldn't think straight.) I'm doing a lot better now though. I'm starting to "grow closer" with a girl i know, so I'm now starting to focus on how to "continue down this road" (if you get what i mean).

Excuse my lengthy rant there, but i just had to get it off my chest. I shall try to make it on here as much as possible.


Food Whore
I think its late in March. I haven't had a day off since i got back here on January 26th. (except for an "ice day", when there was two inches of ice on the ground)


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome back my friend, I'm glad to have you back on these forums, it's nice to see all these old members coming back and start posting againg, it's only going to make these forums better which is awesome. See you around.