IMF and the end of the World

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    This post could go in politics, religion or financial so, I'll stick with Other News. I clicked on a banner that was on this website from Uncommon Wisdom and got this report: http://finance.uncommonwisdomdaily....1-bernankes-secret-debt-solution-rpt-r012.pdf

    Its about how the nations will soon devalue money and move towards a single currency. Actually 3 currencies managed by the International Monetary Fund. Its long, but its a great read and really the first 9 pages are the heart of the matter. It put together a lot of things that I was having trouble figuring out. How do you deal with the US massive amount of promissory notes (trillions owed to SS for example) in a way that makes the citizens of the US happy and the citizens of the world? Everyone (Kissinger, Blair, Soros to name only 3) keeps talking about a new order but I could never figure out how that got put together.

    There was nothing religious about the report. The underlying theme is actually how to profit from it. But, as a born again Christian, I easily can see where the IMF plays into eschatology. I never realized what a powerful group the IMF is. So, I found this great interview of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins on the Rachel Maddow show that talks about the coming world system. This ties in nicely to the report above. The video and report together are good stuff.

    YouTube - Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins on Rachel Maddow (full video)
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    So the moral of that story was that a person should invest in gold. That seems like suspect advice, since the value of gold has been going up as a result of the economic downturn, and could be near a peak. There's a decent chance that even if you did buy it now, you would see more money many years on down the road than if you just stuck your money under a mattress, but is it going to outperform treasuries, which have the benefit of being a safer bet? If the economy is going through an up when you want to cash in your gold investment, then you could very likely lose.

    Now, if a person goes out and buys gold with the intention of making a quick buck in the short-term, I'd suggest going to a casino instead, since they at least give you free drinks while taking your money.
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    It's very unlikely we'll see the world moving towards one single currency, or only 3 currencies. Most countries will not give up their currencies.

    If there will be a "new order", it will likely be something like Bretton Woods was in 1944, a system for stabilizing exchange rates and regulating capital transfer.

    But I really don't think we'll see anything anybody has reason to be afraid of, be it because of belief in the Revelation, or because of fear of a kind of world government. There simply is nobody important who seriously wants a single- or three-currency world system, and even less is there anybody who could make it become reality.
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    yes. The report I posted recommended purchasing gold. I thought the historical parts and predictions of the report were a lot more interesting though.
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    I didn't actually watch the clip, but it seems like a smarter investing strategy regarding gold (if you're going to go that route) would be to wait until soon before this one world currency gets implemented. According to Christian theology, it could easily be several decades before it happens.

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