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Movies IMDb ratings


aka ginger warlock
There is a discussion with regards to star ratings within another thread but I wanted to make a proper thread about this topic. I tend to ignore star ratings on IMDb. For one thing the online system is in my opinion flawed, most films I have seen on there (unless they are basically flawless) usually sit around the 6 or 7 mark which in the grand scheme of things is not a bad score but the problem is this not an entirely representative score because it evens scores out.

Now with that being said IMDb scores personally don't matter an awful lot to me. I for instance loved "Rachel getting Married" which got a decent 6.7 out of ten but hated "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" which got a very good 8.8 out of ten but that doesn't matter. I know which film I think was better and I know which I preferred. The only problem is you tend to get people on the IMDb boards saying one line reviews of:

How can anyone like this film?

It was shit
Woah! You should become a critic with such skills! Step back other critics of the world, one line reviews with no explanation are summing things up WAY better than someone who actually takes the time, oh, I don't know, well, not.

Now my problem aside with people who write one line reviews and don't actually put anything meaningful in (presumably because they don't have anything meaningful to say or contribute in life) do you follow IMDb ratings? How much do they matter to you? Do you put star ratings on the website or any other website?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I go by them even if ordinary people are the ones rating them. I have found if they say the movie is bad its usually bad. I have never found one below a 5 that was any good. Barely worth watching if they are between a 5 and 6.

I don't care how high of a rating a movie gets if its not your type of movie your probably not going to like it.


I'm serious
I wouldn't say I check a films rating every time I decide on whether I want to watch a film or not. However, when I hear about a film from someone or see a trailer and want to find out more, IMDb is my go to app.

I did a quick test with a bunch of random movies I loved and hated. The rating scale works for me, personally. Of course taste differs, which is a good thing. And that will influence these ratings. But for me, the films with higher ratings on IMDb are usually films I like, and I dislike films with poor ratings the majority of the time.

If I want to watch something, I will, despite the rating. Take Chernobyl Diaries for instance, with a 5 rating. Did I like it? Nope, hated it.

I can understand why people don't want to follow a rating, but if the rating scale works for me (ie, I like higher rated movies and dislike lower rated movies), then so what? Trust me, I am not missing out on life changing films because they are rated lower than 6 on IMDb.

Just to add as well, I don 't care to read peoples reviews before I watch something. It spoils the movie/story. Not every person who rates on there has to be a critic. I'm looking for a general guide on what people thought, not a critics review. And no, I have never reviewed or rated anything on there myself.


The people that rate movies on IMDB are the same people that leave comments on Youtube videos. Haha. Yeah, no thanks.

If I have to go by ratings, I stick with Rotten Tomatoes (Top Critic section) or RichardRoeper.com.


Problematic Shitlord
How much do they matter to you?

I think being a critic is one of the most ridiculous jobs in the universe, especially seeing as many of them have never been involved in the movie industry. Movies are also so varied and we have so many different walks of life we come from, it's silly to hold any opinions in any high regard. I never read reviews before I see a movie and I wonder why people care so much what someone else thinks, it's only going to skew their experience.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I check IMDb ratings occasionally just for fun, but typically after I've already seen the movie or show. I almost never use the ratings to see whether I should or shouldn't watch something. However, I do find that most of the ratings end up being an accurate representation of the quality of a movie or tv show in spite of the types of people who are rating them.


Well-Known Member
I think IMDb ratings are useful. Of course there are some ratings that you will disagree with but the ratings aren't meant to say exactly what you like, they're meant to say what people overall thought of them (out of those that vote on IMDb anyway)

I pretty much don't watch movies that get lower than a 6 rating on IMDb. I'll usually try to stay above a 7.

Lowest rated film on IMDb that I've seen? I think it's the Star Wars Holiday Special at a score of 2.6. :lol:


Son of Liberty
I ignore them for the most part, in fact I rarely look on that site, unless I find an actor in a film and I can't remember what else I've seen him in. When I do check I find generally movies liked have a right rating and movies I didn't had a low rating. But generally I don't care what any movie critic says.


Registered Member
I don't pay much attention to IMDb ratings in terms of what not to watch... probably because I usually like low rated movies :lol:. No, but really, there are plenty of films that have been rated between a 6 and a 7 that I have enjoyed. Granted they are mostly 'rom coms' which are hardly ever rated really highly.

A great score on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes might influence me to watch a film I wouldn't otherwise, though.
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